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Blog: Wheelchair Mania – Beloved Boomers

Wheelchair Boomers – Transportation for handicap, elderly, disabled and Veterans

Wheelchair Mania, it’s everywhere. The Boomers generation is growing larger every month. I started this company in 2011 with my son, Johnathan, we began slow with only one van, a lot of enthusiasm and plenty of questions. We grew quickly and now service all areas of greater Houston, with a host of regular, faithful customers.  I knew, after retirement, that someday I was going to open a wheelchair transportation company; a boutique type service that catered to elderly, handicaped, disabled and veterans.

Just a few years prior, my brothers and I were struggling through the mayhem of Medicare, Supplemental Insurance and transportation to a large array of physicians.  There were a million 800 numbers we were given, and most of them put you on eternal hold or worse yet, proceed to tell you – you have the wrong dept. let me transfer you.  For my brothers and I, it was always;  “Who’s turn is it to take mom to the doctor”. It was not for a lack of love or desire, we just had to work. Like most families, transportation had always been a big concern in our family. Back then it was more about affordability of cars, gas prices and logistics of getting us kids to school, or other family adults to work, and then of course ‘grand-mamma’ to the store, doctor or bank. As they say, the paradigm shifts – and today, transportation to the doctor is only a small fragment of what caregivers have to face today.   

We are a small family owned business working in the trenches of the transportation market.  Almost daily we hear about a transportation predicament faced by our customers. It is our hope that more retirees or veterans will consider joining this servivce industry. Houston needs more stellar providers who care about this growing community, and not just about making money. Although it’s important to earn a living – for us, it’s more important to earn it while doing something you really enjoy.

We don’t fear competition – there are plenty of people who need service.  I personally found myself navigating through a forest of medical brigades with my own parents; both now deceased. It was a stressful and lonely time for my brothers and I, we will never forget it.

Today, my son and I seek to reach out and expand our network. We want to learn, promote, discuss, and share methods which may help caregivers or the disabled community in be able to deal with aging or handicapped family members.

If you have a tip, link or interesting news – please share it with us so we can post it to our website visitors.


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